1935                                             Born Frankfurt Germany

1955-58                                        Kunstschule Offenbach

1959-63                                        Sculptor in Frankfurt with brother Hans Steinbrenner

1964-68                                        Architect in Frankfurt, Germany  

1968                                             Move to Chicago – USA, continued to work as an architect in the office of Skidmore,                                                         Owings & Merrill

1970                                            Resumed work as a sculptor in Chicago 

1983                                            Move to Wisconsin

1985                                            Move to Framingham,  MA continued to work as a sculptor in his own studio

1993                                           Move to Philadelphia, but moved his works and studio to Dooneen, Ireland

2000                                           Move to Ireland

2014                                                 Move to Philadelphia, PA

2017                                                  Died October 11th,2017